Marbled Ovoid Tray

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A tray with an artistic touch doesn’t just make your nightstand or coffee table prettier, it is purposelful too. Use it to keep your everyday jewellery or pens and pencils or even just a bottle of water and a glass. It makes your space look more organised while adding a little beauty. Dimensions- 19cm X 10 cm X1.5cm Finish - Marbled Material - Hybrid Concrete

Colours Available-Blush(Pink), Match(Green), Mimosa(Yellow), Lavender(Purple), Arctic(Blue), Statuario(Black), Slate(Grey), Peach(Light Orange), Sandstone(Beige), Raspberry(Light Red)

Disclaimer - Please use a butter paper on the trays if you plan to use it to put food on it. There hasn’t been a food safety lab test done on them.